Friday, December 24, 2021

Merry Christmas

 Yuma Arizona          High 68 Low 54

We have had mostly nice weather. Highs have been in the mid 70's. We had a few days with highs in the low 60's and we felt cold. I know you people in the frozen north really feel sorry for us. LOL Today it is cloudy and rainy, but is supposed to clear up this afternoon.

We got some pictures of a nice sunrise.

We had a golf cart parade with golf carts lit up with Christmas lights. The pictures didn't show up too well but here are what I got.

This Segway was lit up for the parade. I got to try it out later.

Penny even got to wear her Santa suit, but she didn't like the beard and had very much.

Yesterday I got to try out the Segway that was in the Christmas parade. It didn't seem too bad to ride. Dan, the man that rides it all the time, used to sell them in Havasu City and told me he used to do tours with people riding them. They only have a top speed of about 11 miles an hour. 

This evening we are having friends over for a Christmas Eve dinner and we are going to their home tomorrow for Christmas Lunch. 

Hoping you all have a very Merry Christmas.

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Sunday, December 5, 2021

Catch Up

Yuma, Arizona    High 81 Low 46

It has been a while since I last posted. After we got here I spent quite a while repairing leaks in our secondary water system. I have been playing shuffle board at least three times per week and sometimes more.  

We had friends at our home for Thanksgiving dinner. Our Park used to supply turkey and the people met in the ballroom for dinner, but since the virus they have stopped that. We had a total of five couples here and each supply part of the food. We had a good meal and then spent some time visiting. Two of the couples are from Canada and are glad to be here after so long of not being able to come into the USA.

Cindy found a recipe for a cheese ball made into the shape of a pumpkin.

One morning, When I took Penny for her walk, I got to see a Road Runner. I managed to get some pictures although they are sure fast birds.

We got our home decorated for Christmas but some of the people in this Park go all out decorating.

The next picture is of a Home that usually wins the Christmas decorating contest. I think I counted 21 snow men.

One evening we had a Christmas lighting here in the Park. One of the resident had made an electronic tree With singing and a light show. Everyone thought it was pretty neat.

In one of Nancy's resent posts, she talked about Canine Paralysis. She is right, it really exists. Usually Penny causes it in me, but tonight I caught Cindy with the paralysis. 

I think penny would sleep on one of our laps all day, if we would let her.

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