Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Getting Ready To Travel

Riverton, Utah                 High 90 Low 58

We have made reservations for most of the RV Parks we will be staying at for almost 3 weeks starting next Monday. Cindy's sister, Linda, will be taking her motorhome and almost insists on having reservations while I'm more inclined on winging it while most of the time we are not afraid of boon-docking. It is summer, so we want hook-ups most times but where we are going the forecast is for pleasant temperatures.

We did have one RV Park in Oregon call us both today and tell us that we would be dry camping for the three nights we were going to be there and so we cancelled that reservation with Coast to Coast and booked different places. I had to call one of them, Chinook Bend in Lincoln City, that gave Linda 2 nights and me only one. When I talked to him I told him who I was and that we had stayed with him several times and he told me if we wanted 2 nights with full hook-ups to come on in and he would take care of it with Coast to Coast. He has always treated us fairly.

The other Park is a larger membership Park and they probably have too many members because she told me that they had 14 of their members dry camping at the same time we wanted to go into their Park. I wanted to show Linda the other Park, but oh well.

Today I got the truck washed, filled with diesel, and all the tires aired up and ready to travel. We plan on leaving on Monday morning. We are headed west toward Winnemucca where we will stay the first night and then by Susanville California for two nights, then on to the coast by the Redwoods.

My sister, with leukemia, finally went home and my other sister says she is doing better. We are hoping every thing is good while we are gone.

Cindy's daughter and grand daughter and great grand son came to see us today. Guess what? I got a few pictures! Teesa is pregnant and due sometime in September with her second son.

 We gave this spin toy to Ryler and he didn't want to leave. Stephanie said she remembered playing on the toy and we decided it was time to give it away.

Teesa looks like a matador in the lower picture but I think the belly would get in the way. The quilt is one we gave her for the baby.

It is supposed to be a little cooler for the next few days then warm up again. The weather is one thing we have no control over so it will all be good.

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  1. Glad to see things are looking up for your travels.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the growing family.

    It's about time.

  2. Oh I do love that quilt! How cute!! What could be better than that spin toy. Looks like it will keep him occupied for awhile. Enjoy your trip. It seems it's getting harder and harder to find openings in parks. At least on the coast you will have great weather for dry camping!!