Monday, March 30, 2015

What a Difference One Day Makes

Congress, Arizona                       High 88 Low 61

This morning Cindy went to her first bead class. The class she took wasn't really for a beginner, but she got it done. When I went to see how she was doing at about noon, she was a little frustrated. She came home for lunch and then went back and finished it up and said it went better.
Starting out.

Lot of ladies doing different things.

All finished.
I took Penny to the dog park again, but there weren't many dogs and she was too hot, so we left after a little while.

We didn't have any clouds today, so we didn't have a pretty sunset. 

This evening we went for another walk, and in one day a lot of the Easter Cactus have bloomed. They mostly have large white blossoms, but we found one plant with red flowers. They are very pretty and they seemed to be everywhere we walked.

This plant was the only one we saw with large red flowers.

Cindy has another beading class tomorrow.

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