Wednesday, March 25, 2015

North Ranch

Congress, Arizona                      High 82 Low 50

We arrived at the North Ranch Escapee Park on Monday. I had reserved site 43 and it was available. When we went to park, I noticed site 7 open and it had some afternoon shade, so I asked at the office if we could trade, and I was told that as we would only be here 2 weeks, go ahead and trade. So now we are in site 7, which backs up to the clubhouse and we have a tree in back of us.

While Cindy went to a beading thing, Penny and I walked through the cactus garden and got a few pictures of the cactus blossoms. There is also a giant saguaro in the garden they call Methuselah; the sign says it is about 400 years old. Some of the cactus blossoms look very delicate. Penny and I had a nice walk, but it was a little warm.

I went to the Congress Mercantile for one of their pizzas and it was as good as last year. It is large enough that we made 2 meals out of it.
Cindy made another necklace at beading, and I finished tying everything together for her today. It turned out pretty nice.
I drove down to see Jana and Mike where they are staying in the Park. We had a visit for a little while. Penny started playing with Emmi’s ball and Emmi didn't seem to like it. They got along otherwise.

The wood carvers are busy at the activity center. Some of the carvings are very realistic. One of the teachers carved some birds. The feathers look like they are real, although they are wood. Bill and Jan are here for the wood carving and I found them in the activity center.

There is a large horse and rider that belongs to one of the banks in Wickenburg. Someone stole the horses head, and it has been gone for a while. Recently, during a wind storm, the whole statue fell over causing extensive damage. Someone at this Park volunteered to repair it and we got to see it in the process of being repaired.

Today we went into Wickenburg to a fabric store that is going out of business. The owner is trying to sell the building and wants to move back to Colorado. She said 11 years here was long enough. Almost the entire remaining inventory is one sale. There isn't much material left, but Cindy found some pieces that will go with a quilt she is making.

This afternoon we went to the quilter get together at the clubhouse. It is not like any quilters thing we have been to before. They get in a large circle and tell something about themselves. Then they have show and tell. Then the patterns of the month are passed out. Finally one of the ladies gives a demonstration about a technique that the others may not have seen before. We are used to having the quilters bring their machines and sewing. To each their own, I guess.

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  1. Great job Cindy.

    Paul used to do chainsaw carvings. He did big ones like the horse. He now does smaller ones like the ones the Jan and Bill are doing in the workshop.

  2. Yeah getting into circles and each having your turn to talk is the Escape way.... Doesn't matter what the activity is..... And I always wanted on of those campsites along the trees, but they were never for me, so you lucked out there....