Thursday, May 19, 2016

Last Day in the Redwoods

Last Day in the Redwoods
Klamath, California          High 61 Low 46

Yesterday we drove down to the Newton Drury Parkway, and although it was supposed to open Tuesday, it was still closed.

We went to the senior citizen center in Klamath for lunch. There was a caravan from Oregon there and the lunch was very good. No wonder the caravans stop. We got to see a raffle quilt and the walls are covered with artwork.

Today I called the Park Service to see if the scenic Parkway was open and they assured it me that it was. So we set off the drive the Parkway. It was open and was well worth the drive. There are several trails off the Parkway, and we went down several of them enjoying the scenery.

Cindy got to take lots of flower pictures in addition to the Redwoods and trails. Of course Penny got to go along in her dog bag. One of the trails had a sign showing no dogs on leashes and no-one said anything about her in her bag except that she had it made.

I don't know what kind of berry this is, but it was huge.

Stairway through a tree.

Our last stop was at the Big Tree. It is a Redwood that is about 21 feet in diameter and 68 feet around. It is 304 feet tall and its age is estimated at 1500 years. There was a sign that said in the early 1900s someone wanted to cut the tree down and use the stump for a dance floor, but it got saved.

At first glance this looked like moss, but was actually small leaved plants.
We walked what is called the Circle trail and got to see several large trees. Today was a nice sunny day, which was perfect for sight-seeing. It was a little chilly in the shade of the forests.

We also got to see some of the local wildlife: a Banana Slug, so named because it is the color of a ripe banana, and is about 4 inches long, and some more elk by the visitors center at the south end of the Parkway.
Today, the elk were all lying down.
Tomorrow we are leaving here to go to Port Orford, Oregon. The drive should take a little over 3 hours.

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  1. Those trees are so majestic. And your slug friend does look like a banana.

  2. Amazing sites to see, we are enjoying the ride with you.

  3. I just LOVE Penny in her bag!! You can tell she's having a great time!!!

  4. In Port Orford say hello to Gordon and Juanita from Jenny J...have a fun time