Saturday, April 30, 2016

Free Quilting Night

Riverton, Utah        High 59 Low 393

We’ve had some cool and rainy weather for the last few days.

We both have been busy quilting and fixing things around the house. I had to replace our whole house surge protector. The instructions say that if they go bad it means that they worked to protect you from harmful surges. The old one failed right after we had a few power outages a while ago. The power came off and on several times rapidly and then stayed on. I guess there was enough of a surge to ruin the protector.
Last night we went to a free quilting night at one of the quilt stores. There also was a pot-luck dinner for all the quilters. Cindy finished a Christmas tree block, so she could make another Christmas tree quilt like the one she also already finished.
We are both getting hitch itch and are looking forward to leaving, but still have a few things going on before we can leave.

The quilt store had a lot of nice quilts hanging and one baby quilt that Cindy liked well enough that she wants to make one like it.

This baby quilt is the one Cindy would like to make.

Today the weather was a little nicer and we got a few things done in the yard.

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  1. You are keeping but, but that hitch itch needs to be scratched, go for it !