Wednesday, April 6, 2016

An Expensive Day

Yuma, Arizona          High 97 Low 70

It has warmed up considerably. I heard on the TV that it is about 10 degrees above the average for now. However, it is supposed to be cooler the next few days. I hope so.

We saw a few cactus in bloom around the Park. I only got a few pictures.

We have been getting ready to leave here and head for Utah. As part of the preparation, I got the air in the tires checked and they found one low. It was the same tire that was low 3 weeks ago, and upon checking, the tire man found a nail in the side wall where he said he couldn’t repair it. I was tempted to repair it myself and told them I needed to think about overnight. I got looking at the other tires and while there was plenty of tred left, there were lots of cracks in the sidewalls. I didn’t remember ever changing tires, so I took it back to the tire shop, to check the date code that were all on the inside.

The date code came up as 2004, so they were original to the car. The car had about 20,000 miles on it when I got it, and it now has 53,000. Not bad for an eleven going on 12 year old car. But, it was time to buy new tires. I didn’t go with the cheapest tires and got fairly good all season tires. Almost 900 dollars later, I went home.

Now we are really ready to roll. We are still getting things ready to leave next Monday morning and plan on being home on Tuesday. Tire trouble on the road is the last thing I want.

We have put a lot of outdoor furniture in the shed, but still have some to go, which will have to wait until Sunday.

Gas here is almost 60 cents higher than 3 weeks ago. I guess they are getting ready for summer with the higher fuel prices.

We have both enjoyed our stay here, but most of the activities have closed down because of all the people that have already left. A lot of the homes and RV sites are empty.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Good tires are your best investment and we take car of ours as well.
    Travel safe and enjoy you time back home. home to see y'all next winter, thanks for all your help this year.

  2. Wow--Cindy has been a prolific quilter this winter!!! I love the hexagon one! Penny likes to get in the photos, doesn't she!