Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Few Thoughts

Riverton, Utah          High 77 Low 41

As usual we have managed to stay busy. I got 4 quilts quilted. They were all easy overall patterns, but at least their out of the way.

Last weekend we went to some yard sales that had fabric listed. Boy! Did they ever. The first one Cindy got about 40 yards of material and 8 quilt books for $66.00. This one had some questionable fabric, which she left alone.

The second sale had lots of name brand fabric. The lady wanted $1.00 a yard (for Moda and other good fabric). Cindy asked her if she would do better on a large quantity and the lady said sure. She gave us a box that measured about 12x18x12 and told us we could fill it for $20.00. We probably got 40 yards in it by carefully packing it in. Needless to say we were happy, the lady not so much, but she honored the deal. She also had some new quilting books for a dollar apiece. Cindy got several of them.
I got my blood test taken and went to see the Doctor. He told me that since being on the cholesterol meds, the bad cholesterol had gone down to 116, which is the best I’ve been for several years.

Also, my blood pressure was down into the normal range, which I attribute to all the walking I did in Yuma. I probably walked twice as far each day as I am doing now.

Cindy has been busy in the yard and, of course, sewing more quilts. She can’t sit still and her back bothers her most days.

We have given a lot of thought to buying the Home in Yuma and both of us are not in the least sorry that we bought it. We really enjoyed our time there and are looking forward to next fall.

I am looking forward to when we can take the fifth wheel out and we plan on spending some time in Washington and Oregon on the coast this summer.

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  1. Will be nice for you to get back into the 5th wheel again, enjoy your summer.

  2. Sure wish there was something that could be done for Cindy's back. You do realize you guys have an addiction problem - with fabric!!!

  3. We have been on cholesterol medication for years. All of a sudden Bill started getting a lot of muscle pain. The doctor took him off the statins and the pain went away immediately.

  4. You nailed it Ray!! NO MORE FABRIC! Oh look, new fabric!! I have to say however, that you and Cindy win the fabric contest. Glad you found those deals!! Hope I see you along the coast this summer.