Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Real Men do Ask Directions

Pequea, Pennsylvania High 84 Low 63

We left The Hemlock Campgrounds and headed south. Most of the way was Interstate Highway until we got to the Lancaster area. I wasn’t sure how to get through Lancaster, so I followed the GPS. She got us there, but I’m sure there were better highways we could have taken. We ended up going through one of the towns with narrow 2 lane one way roads.

There also was a bridge under construction that had very narrow lanes.

We then found ourselves on a narrow country road and I wasn’t sure at all we were going the right direction, so I stopped and asked directions, first from a flagman that spoke no English, and then from a woman hiker. She assured me we were headed the right direction, but the road was narrow and twisty.

We finally found the Campground, the Pequea Creek Campground. The sites are nice and wide and very deep. It has trees and we have a nice view out our windows. The only drawback is no sewer. Tomorrow I will try to find a campground that has an opening for this weekend, as I’m not too keen on Camp Walmart for 3 days.

Some of the scenery by our site.
Tomorrow we plan on doing some sightseeing. We’re not sure where to start.

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  1. Do you have the GPS in RV mode? If you update a Rand McNally you have to reprogram the RV height, weight, length and etc.