Saturday, August 30, 2014

Pennsylvania Covered Bridges

Pequea, Pennsylvania High 81 Low 70

It was a nice partly cloudy day. We decided to take a ride in the country side to see some of the covered bridges in the area.

The first one is by the entrance to the RV Park. It is fairly long and they all have headroom too low for RVs. The one by the entrance is the one the GPS tried to take me through on the way here.

The rest of them are scattered throughout the county. I think they told us there are 29, but we only saw 5 of them.

They all seem to be the same general design and traffic is allowed through the ones we saw and they all have low weight limits with one lane of traffic. Only one of them had a date on it and it was first built in 1860. From the sign, I gather that it has been rebuilt.

We found several fruit and vegetable stands. One had small watermelons for 2 for a dollar. One of them had a little Amish girl manning it. She had fresh eggs, green beans, and the biggest tomatoes we have seen while we have been here. She was also selling corn for 6 for a dollar fifty. We had it and the green beans for dinner tonight. We tried one of the watermelons and it was not the best I've had, but I have had worse from the grocery store at about 10 times the price.

While driving around we passed two Amish boys going the opposite direction, and they gave me the air horn sign, except I have no air horn so I couldn't accommodate them.

We found another fruit and vegetable stand that had peaches, and we wanted to get some, so we got about 10 pounds from him.

We took Penny with us today and she was good for most of the way. At one stop I gave her some water and we hadn't gone very far, when she threw up. I hope she learns to ride in the truck. She seems to be a very loving little dog, and yes we are getting attached to her.
We have so many pictures, that I will wait to put some more on the blog.

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  1. You may have to restrict her food and water intake before you head out. She is such a cutie pie. How could you not become attached. I love finding covered bridges. We found several in NY that were closed to all traffic but they are sooo neat.