Friday, August 15, 2014

Back to New York

Accord, New York High 70 Low 52

Last night in New Hampshire it got cold. We almost needed the heater. It rained a little bit during the night.

We left this morning we left for New York. The sky has been cloudy all day, but no rain. We had a nice drive here. It is supposed to warm up for the next week. Right now it is a little cool.

Cindy got a few pictures of the old buildings and some scenery.

This bridge over the Hudson River at Poughkeepsie, New York we thought was interesting.

One town we went through was settle in 1704. That is the oldest we have seen.

We went over one hill that was as bad as Parley’s Canyon on Interstate 80 at home. The big difference was instead of interstate highway, it was a twisty narrow 2 lane road.

Lots of miles of trees.

All the green and trees kind of overwhelms me, when all I've had most of my life is desert. The scenery here is sure a lot different than in the west.

We are at Rondout Valley RV Resort at Accord New York. We plan on staying here for 10 days, some of it to go sightseeing and some just to relax. We are in mid lower New York.

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