Monday, August 25, 2014

Scenery by Accord and Moving Day

Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania High 78 Low 54

We went for a walk and ride by the RV Park in New York and got some pictures of the scenery. We have decided that New York is a nice state to visit, but everything you buy is a lot higher than we are used to.

On the way here Cindy saw a sign advertising for help wanted in New York. It said: Help Wanted, 17 years old or older, $14.95 per hour. No wonder everything costs so much!

We are not in that big a town and the diesel here in Pennsylvania is at least 40 cents per gallon less than it was in New York. I checked Gas Buddy, and in Lancaster it is $3.759 per gallon, which is still 13 cents less than here. by waiting until Lancaster, I will save over 30 dollars on fuel.

We had a good drive here except there seemed to be a lot of road construction in both New York and Pennsylvania. I remarked to Cindy that it is the season for road work before it got to pieces in the winter. LOL Some of the lanes had barriers on both side of one lane that had to be only 10 feet wide. It was a little tighter than I like.
This Park has some narrow roads and lots of trees. It is also very quiet. By the office there is a giant chair that Cindy wanted to get her picture sitting in it. I had to take my stool so she could get up into it.

The GPS got lost again and we saw these deer. the fawn almost got hit by a car coming the other way. There were 2 fawns, but we weren't able to get the other one's picture.

These flowers are at the office.
We both like this Park but are only staying one night. We are here with Passport America and it is a little higher than I'm used to, but is a nice Park.Tomorrow we leave here to go to a Park by Lancaster. We want to stay there about a week and a half, but so far we only have 3 nights reserved. The Park we are going into told me she was booked up for the Holiday, but would see if anyone cancelled. If not we might have to go to Camp Walmart for the weekend until the first of next week.

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  1. If you are going to York, the Harley Plant has a museum and a tour.

  2. What's with the GPS on the East Coast?? Ours got us lost a couple of times ... and at best, it takes us 5-8 miles out of our way to get to where we want to go!! Least we always got back home to the rigs!! LOL