Saturday, August 23, 2014


Accord, New York High 73 Low 55

Last night the rain quit about the time we were supposed to go to the RV Park campfire. The Park people had the stuff to have s’mores. There were only about 25 people there.

I got the marshmallow a little close to the fire.
Cindy says I as bad as the kids.
After the s’mores we sat around the campfire and talked to other campers. One of them said he had a park model in this Park and went to Florida in the winter. He told us that this Park seemed to change the rules of the contract pretty much whenever they wanted. He told us that originally memberships in this park were $6500.00 and that now you could get one for $500.00 on the secondary market.

This morning we drove to Ellenburg which is about 12 miles south of where we are staying. We stopped at a few yard sales but only bought one DVD, which we watched tonight. After watching it, we could see why they sold it. It wasn't one of the best movies we have watched.

There were a lot of yard sales in this Park today. We didn't buy anything at them.

There was a local farm with a produce wagon pulled by a tractor going through the Park. We checked and the prices were very reasonable, so we got some tomatoes, new potatoes, and green beans. We had some of the vegetables for dinner tonight and it is hard to beat fresh vegetables. They were very tender and were good.

Tonight there was a band at the activity center and we walked to it. The music was for a lot younger people than us so we left.

Not much else going on today, so thanks for visiting. 


  1. We tried to buy Jim some tomatoes at a produce stand but the only way they would sell the tomatoes was by the 25lb box. Needless to say we didn't buy any.

    1. We paid 50 cents each for nice ripe large tomatoes from the wagon.

  2. Smores! Yes! Have you noticed the new trends in marshmallows? Now they have square ones to fit the graham crackers and they have giant ones for people like me that just love a good, soft marshmallow.