Wednesday, July 14, 2021

We've Been Eating From The Garden

Riverton, Utah      High 91 Low 70

Today is the coolest day we have had for a while, but if you are outside for any length of time, it still feels warm. Salt Lake is setting all kinds of warm records this summer. For the last week, and they are predicting a few more days, we have had lots of smoke. The winds from The forest fires on the coast are blowing here. Some days we couldn't see the mountains and there are lots of hazardous air warnings. 

Cindy has been getting squash, and cucumbers from the garden. We have been picking apricots every day. Some of them look ripe, but are not quite there. the ones way high in the tree that get more sun are the ones that are ripe.

Cindy has been drying them so far, and plans on making syrup out of a lot of them.  

We have even got a few tomatoes, but when Cindy got the plants, she got the wrong type. We have some the size of marbles, some the size of peas, and a whole bunch of little bitty ones.

I put a dime by some of them for comparison so we could tell how small they are. But they do taste like ripe tomatoes, even if each of them is only a small sample. I think she got grape tomatoes, instead of cherry tomatoes.

And of course we have both been busy quilting and I have to put some more quilts pictures on the post.

We like the way this Halloween quilt turned out.


I think this quilt must have at least 10,000 little pieces, but Cindy is working on one with even more pieces. At least I got to do an over-all pattern on it.

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  1. I love to see your quilts. Beautiful work.

  2. Cindy must have a magnifying glass to work on that last one. The first sunflower quilt? Oh my goodness that's beautiful. She can pick gorgeous colors like no one I know!! Love the Halloween one too. I'm working on one that uses border material only. Can't wait to show you. In the meantime, hugs to you both and to Miss Penny!!! And I'm up to three bags of material for you.