Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Quilt Stores and Penny on the Beach

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina High 73 Low 59

It rained most of the night, but at least we didn't get the tornado or hurricane we were warned about.

It rained again this morning until about noon, so we went to the quilts stores in the area. The people were very nice and Cindy got lots of pictures. I'm putting the following one on the post.
We saw this mobile home today while looking for one of the quilt store. never saw a mobile home set up like this before, but we were close to the Ocean.
I found some pictures from the Park at the Outer Banks and they had some rentals damaged by a hurricane and I wanted to post it. They had five just like this one.
We really are in the south! We are seeing Spanish Moss hanging from the trees and we have seen Palm Trees growing in the median of the highway.

Two of the kids finally found out about Penny. It would seem they never read the blog and we were going to surprise them, but Tammy got a thank you post card from the vet we took Penny to in Front Royal and called to see what was going on. The grand kids got all excited when they heard we had a puppy and can't wait to see her in person.

This afternoon was sunny and I wanted to take Penny to the beach and she got a lot of exercise running around on the beach and digging in the sand and meeting the people and dogs that were walking by.

The only down thing that happened today was that on the way to the beach, I heard a bang and something hit the underside of the truck. I hadn't seen anything in the road, but when I got almost to the beach the tire pressure monitor went off saying the right front tire was low. when I got to the beach, the tire looked a little low, so we went and let Penny play on the beach for a little while.

When I went back to the truck, the tire was very low so I hooked up my little compressor to see if I could air it up enough to drive to where I could get it repaired, but it was leaking enough that the compressor couldn't keep up. At that point I called AAA to see if they could come out, and while waiting for them I fond a nail hole that could be plugged.

When the service company called to see exactly where I was, I asked them to bring a plug kit and they assured me that their man had one on his truck. He was able to fix the leak, but AAA wouldn't pay for a repair. so I had to pay for the repair, but at least we didn't have to take the tire off the truck. If he had put the spare on, it would have been no charge, and I would have still had to take the tire to a repair shop, so it came out better.

This just made me like the tire pressure monitor that much more. It might have saved the tire.

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  1. Penny sure is a little cutie! Becki

  2. Boy that little girl sure is a cutie pie!! My two love the beach also!! Cooper loves the water and Jessie loves to go home!!!