Friday, October 24, 2014

Lazy Day

Clermont, Florida High 79 Low 59

It was another nice day with lots of sun shine.

This morning I took the truck to get the service work done. They did it in a reasonable amount of time and the charges were fair.

Afterward I filled the truck for $3.429 per gallon. I had expected fuel to be a lot higher in Florida.

There is one quilt store in the area, and Cindy wanted to check it out. It was a lot smaller than some we have been in. Cindy showed restraint and didn't buy anything. LOL

After the quilt store, we took Penny to a small beach on a lake by the small town. She had a little fun, but it wasn't as good for her as the beaches on the Ocean. I guess because there were no creatures in the sand to dig for.
Cindy got some picture of some birds that were walking around in the RV Park. I not sure what kind they are but they stand quite tall. They didn't seem to be too afraid of people.

They have a restaurant in the Park. Friday is all you can eat fish, hush-puppies and lots of other sides. It was $10.00 per person and was very good.

Tomorrow we leave for Kissimmee where we will stay for 4 nights.

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  1. Those are Sand Hill Cranes. The only reason I know is because somebody told me when we were in Florida.

  2. Diesel is $3.09 at Frys in Casa Grande--without a card. We paid $2.77 for gasoline.