Friday, October 3, 2014

Michie Tavern

Gordonsville, Virginia High 77 Low 61

Today was raining and so we decided to go to Charlottesville to see a quilt store. We ended up buying another pattern.

It had cleared up a little by then and so we went to see the Michie Tavern and some of the old 
The first was an old cabin that now housed a metal craft store. Most of what the sold was pewter works.

The second building had a store on the upper floor and an old kitchen in the basement. The stairway in the old building looked very narrow.

There was an old tobacco barn, built in 1790, that had been relocated to its present location in 1992.

The old mill, built in 1797, was relocated to its present location in 1976. It housed a general store that showed how a store from the 1800s looked. Upstairs they had a lot of antiques on display.  There is an old water wheel turning outside that originally was used to grind grain.

The Tavern itself had a restaurant taking up most of the area. It also had been moved from its original location. Tours were given, but no pictures allowed inside.

The whole complex is within a mile of Monticello, President Thomas Jefferson’s estate. We had already been there and so decided not to see it again.

Hopefully we have better weather tomorrow. Right now it is raining fairly hard. It is predicted to rain through most of the night and be sunny tomorrow.

This post is kind of a milestone for me. It makes the 500th post in a little less than 2 years.

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  1. You are more diligent than I! Congrats! And to top it off, you write great posts.

  2. We haven't had the bad weather over here in central VA. Works for me. Loved this tavern tour. We're headed for Appomattox next Friday for the long week-end.