Saturday, October 25, 2014


Kissimmee, Florida High 81 Low 55

It was another sunny day with no clouds.

We moved about 45 miles south and are staying at Sherwood Forest RV Resort. With Coast to Coast we are paying about $20.00 a day. This is probably not too bad for where we are. The sites a long and very wide.

This is a very large Park. The lady at the office told us a general area to find a site and let her know which one we took. We are all alone right now in the part of the Park we are in. It is a Thousand Trails Resort. We must be here before the really busy season.
We will be here for four nights, and then to a Park by Tampa for two days.

Monday we are going to the Epcot Center at Disney World and will decide on Tuesday what we will be doing. 

We were wondering what to do with Penny while we spent the day at Epcot. The lady at the office told us her son looks after dogs for the people in the Park. She said he takes them for a walk 4 times a day and makes sure they have food and water. All this for $5.00 per day. We thought that was a lot better than taking her to a kennel and she still gets to stay home.

When we got here there was an airplane doing sky writing. Cindy got a couple of pictures.

You can see how blue the sky is with no clouds.

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  1. That's a great deal for Penny. She will be much happier at home than in a kennel somewhere. Have fun at Epcot. 85 here today in Arkansas.