Monday, October 27, 2014


Kissimmee, Florida High 84 Low 63

It was a lot warmer today and is predicted to be warmer tonight.

We went to Disney’s Epcot Center today and spent a lot of the day there. We started out going to The World Showcase. There were several demonstrations and movies about the different countries we were seeing. There was even an ax throwing contest in the Canadian portion of the Showcase.

We went on several rides and looked at a lot of the exhibits. Penny seemed to have gotten along with the little boy that came in to see her today.

Cindy took a lot of pictures and I am going to put some of the highlights of the day on this post

We saw lots of Disney characters.

This was at the Canadian exhibit.

 These are Great Britain.

 This sea horse was at the Finding Nemo Ride.

 These pictures of Morocco reminded us of our visit to Morocco.

 The Pagoda, the Coy, and the drummers are at the Japanese Portion.

 We were entertained by this jazz group before the movie about US history.

This is from the Italian Showcase.


 These are in the Chinese portion. We also got to see some Chinese acrobats.

 This is from the Norwegian Showcase.


There is a wine and food festival going on in the World Showcase which accounted for a lot more people than we expected. 

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