Wednesday, October 22, 2014

St. Marys

Woodbine, Georgia High 73 Low 50

Today was a pleasant sunny day.

We went to the small ton of St. Marys. The first stop was the Visitor’s Center. In it there is a display of old transistor radios dating from the early 1960s. They also have a room with old radios. We watched a short video about the town and some of the old buildings.

We then went and got some pictures of the old buildings, some of which dated from the early 1800s and 1900s.

There is a City Park by the river which looks like it is well kept up.

A little outside of town there is an old sugar factory. What makes these ruins unique is the construction of the walls. They are called Tabby, a cement like combination of water, lime and crushed oyster shells, which does particularly well in the southern coastal environment. Once dried the tabby allows for expansion and contraction that occurs with the temperature and humidity changes. The only things remaining are the walls.

There was a type of pine trees that we hadn't seen before. The bark had very deep grooves in it.

Tomorrow we leave for mid Florida. It will be a fairly long drive.

Thanks for visiting.

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