Monday, October 20, 2014

Poor Penny

Hardeeville, South Carolina High 75 Low 55

Today we had an appointment to have Penny’s rabies shot. While we went to Savannah we had some other business to take care of.

We went to the AAA office and got some more tour books and maps of where we are headed.

We also had to get some of Cindy’s meds at Walmart.

Then it was time for Penny’s appointment. They weighed her first and she now weighs 2.9 pounds. That is a half-pound heaver since we had her weighed in York, Pennsylvania. We then talked to the veterinarian’s assistant about what we wanted done. We had thought about having a chip put in her, but the assistant and the vet both thought because of the size of the needle and how small she is, that we should wait until she is older. We also asked about flea and tick meds and heart worm meds and they had a combination topical solution that has to be applied monthly.

We had purchased a puppy starter kit at Petsmart which had a coupon for the vet exam, so with the meds and shot the bill was $38.00, which we thought was reasonable. This vet was a lot gentler than the last one and gave her some kind of pet treat which she had to lick as she gave the shot. We didn't hear a single complaint from Penny. 

After taking Penny, I wanted to fill the truck with diesel which I found for $3.399 per gallon. That is a lot better than when we left home.

We decided to give Penny a bath when we got home before applying the flea meds. The poor little thing looked like a drowning rat and really hated it, but now she is nice and clean.

Tomorrow we head south toward Florida, but we are stopping 7 miles shy of the border, where we will stay for two nights. It should only be a two hour drive. Then next RV Park is about 4 hours south of that, and I felt 6 hours was too much to drive in one day.

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