Thursday, October 23, 2014

We’re In Florida

Clermont, Florida High 81 Low 57

Today we drove to Clermont, Florida. It is about the middle of Florida. We are staying at Bee’s RV Resort with Coast to Coast.

It is a lot warmer here than further north. It was a nice sunshiny day all day.

We plan on staying here two nights and drive closer to Kissimmee on Saturday. Today’s drive was a little long, but I knew it would be. Saturday’s drive will be a lot closer. We want to go to Epcot Center at Disney World. We plan on staying there 4 nights then move to Tampa for 2 nights to give Cindy time to catch up with her old high school friend.

After that we plan on heading toward home by way of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, where we plan on seeing New Orleans, then through Texas. I’m not sure where we will be staying, but we plan on being home just after the first of December.

Tomorrow I have an appointment to get the truck serviced. It needs to have the oil and fuel filter changed. The last time I had it done was when we went into Wisconsin from Indiana. The miles sure seem to add up.

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