Saturday, October 18, 2014

Downtown Savannah

Hardeeville, South Carolina High 82 Low 52

Today we went into Savannah to see some of the Town Squares and some of the historic sights. Our first stop was the Visitors Center. One display had jewelry made of hair.

At the Visitors Center there are some museums. One is the Railroad Museum. There was a steam engine loading with people in the tour car. It was sitting in front of the round house, ready to be turned so it could go on the tracks.

Cindy found the Whistle Stop Cafe with a sign for fried green tomatoes. We bought an order and thought they were very overpriced. But we did have fried green at the Whistle Stop Cafe, just like the movie.

We bought a book about the various Town Squares, and our first stop was the square where Forest Gump told his story in the movie. The bench he sat on is now in the museum at the Visitors Center. I found out from my son that the bench was never at the square and had been placed there for the movie.

Each square has lots of historical plaques, telling about some of the history of Savannah, mostly during the Revolutionary War, but there were some about the Civil War. Each of the squares has a large monument in the center. One of the squares had a large fountain.

We saw 5 of the squares and also saw some of the old buildings including the Armstrong House, which we were told was the most expensive building in Savannah. The sign says it is granite and glazed brick and for a while housed the Armstrong Junior College.

A lot of the buildings have very ornate trim. By the first square is an 1800 church which is still in use today. Cindy got a picture inside one of the restaurants by one of the squares.

We drove past Paula Deen's restaurant and got this photo of the outside.

There is lots of Spanish Moss hanging from the trees.

There is a lot of history in Savannah, and we hope to see some more squares while we are here.

Thanks for visiting.

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