Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Yuma, Arizona        High 82 Low 60

It was a really nice day today. Yesterday we had wind but today was still. Cindy swept up all the leafs yesterday morning just before the wind started and an hour later we couldn't tell she had even been there so today she got to do it all over again. I was planning on cleaning up the leafs when I got through with shuffle board but she beat me to it.

Our company made it here on Sunday. My sister in law got the lift put on her motor home so my mother in law could get into it easier. It was installed in Tempe and the spent about a week with Cindy’s son Scot in Phoenix. They plan on staying here about a week then go back to Utah for Doctors appointments.

Cindy’s Mom spends a lot of time working on jig saw puzzles. Linda says it helps keep her mind active. She doesn’t get around too well without her little scooter. Linda has been checking out possible places to go this spring and summer. We have agreed to go with them in our fifth wheel. There are a few places we would like to see, but nothing has been set in stone yet. A lot depends on their mother and her health.

Yesterday we all went to Lin’s Buffet where we met Jim and Sandi one more time while they are in the area. We all ate too much and visited for a while. It is a good Buffet and I guess if you leave hungry it’s your own fault. It is mainly an oriental buffet, but they have a large variety of different food items. We all had lots of shrimp to eat. They even have pizza, but none of us tried it.

Other than that we are still doing the same things most days. Life is good. 

Thanks for visiting.

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