Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Almost Home

Hurricane, Utah         High 57 Low 34

It is quite a bit colder than we are used to. The day was sunny and no wind.

Just a short post to let everyone know where we are.

We stayed in Fort Mohave two extra days because of the wind. Sometimes the wind was rocking the trailer. I’m sure glad we weren’t driving through it and weren’t in any big hurry to get home. When I went to the office to extend, the office man told me that the wind would be that much worse going across the flats toward Las Vegas, especially through Searchlight.

We decided to stop here even though it was fairly early in the afternoon (1:30) and it is warmer here than anywhere else we could have stopped. We probably could have made it home but it would have been 11 hours or more of driving. Again, I’m not in that much of a hurry to get home. Tomorrow will be good enough.

We are at Walmart with several other RVs. I did ask at the Customer Service desk and they told me we could stay for up to 24 hours and longer if we moved to another spot. It is a lot different here than Saint George where there is no overnight parking allowed. I guess the RV Parks have things sewed up there and we are only 15 miles north of Saint George.

As it is, I will have to winterize the fiver as soon as we get there because freezing temperatures are predicted in Salt Lake City tomorrow night.

Thanks for visiting.

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