Sunday, November 29, 2015

Almost Ready

Riverton, Utah      High 27 Low 16

Cindy got her blood tests done and visited her Doctor. He told her that her blood work was the best it has been since he has been checking it. We attribute the good tests to how active we were just before coming home and all the walking at the Balloon Fiesta.

My Doctor's office called and told me that my Doctor felt that my cholesterol was high enough to need to do something about it and prescribed a generic Lipitor. From reading about it there are some side effects, of which I'm experiencing some. They are supposed to go away after taking it for a while. We shall see.

It snowed (the awful four letter word) yesterday and was so cold last night that frost was falling from the nearly clear sky. Why are we still here?

About the only thing we have left to do before we can head south is Cindy’s promise to Teesa about making Christmas cookies and coconut bread. We pick her up after work Tuesday and they are going to be baking Wednesday and possibly Thursday morning.

We have decided to leave Thursday right after lunch and drop Teesa off on our way south. We plan on driving to Mesquite, Nevada and stay there overnight. It will make for a much shorter drive Friday, and we will be able to make it to Yuma at a decent time instead of trying to drive the whole 700 miles in one day.

I can’t wait to get out of this cold!

Thanks for visiting.

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