Sunday, November 22, 2015

Getting Things Done


Riverton, Utah             High 46 Low 25

We have both been busy since we got home. Friday I went to see my Doctor and got what Medicare calls a wellness check. This is the first time I’ve been totally on Medicare. For me it was a different experience. I thought a lot of the questions were kind of strange, but when I finally got to see the Doctor, he told me that I’m probably in better shape than I have been in for the last few years. My blood pressure was normal instead of the high normal it has been in.

While we were in Arizona, we both ate better than we usually do with the fresh vegetables we were able to find at the stores. Both of us lost weight this time out, and walked way more than usual. A lot of the walking is Penny’s fault, even though a lot of her walks turn into carries.

Cindy was able to get her blood work done Friday and was able to see the vampires before her Doctor’s appointment next Wednesday.  

We are both looking forward to getting Thanksgiving behind us and the rest of the things finished up so we can head back to Arizona and get out of all this cold. I haven’t felt warm since we left Arizona. I had to laugh at one of the Phoenix TV weather forecasters when they talked of the bone-chilling cold in Phoenix. It got clear down to the mid-40s with a high of mid 60s which was 20 degrees cooler than normal. I wonder what they would think of a high of 45 and lows into the teens. The trouble is I got used to being warmer than here.

Right now we are looking to leave on Friday the 4th of December to head back South. Our grand-daughter is coming to our home on Tuesday night to cook Christmas cookies and coconut bread with Cindy. She is staying till we take her home Friday on our way to Arizona.

I still have to get the truck inspected and emission test taken care of, so I can license the truck and trailer. 

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  1. Door is open and the sun is shining. Just beautiful. However, Thanksgiving is coming and we are definitely going to cool back down to 62 for a high. Congrats on a good doctor's report.