Monday, February 12, 2018

The Gun Fight

Yuma, Arizona         High 74 Low 50

Yesterday we got invited to a gun fight. No, not a real gun fight. There are a group of people that perform at the Old Yuma Prison every Saturday and put on various skits about the old West.

One couple from our Park along with one of the security guards from here are part of the group. Every year they put on skits in our Park to help raise money for future trips they take as a group to put on their show in various parts of the surrounding area. They seemed to do pretty well at this one. 

Lilly has the big camera. She is one of our friends from the Park.

Mike, the owner of the lot, is the one on the far right with suspenders.

After the skits we all had a pot luck dinner. It was very good with lots of food for everyone.

A large group of spectators.

The first skit ended up with everyone dead with the exception of the lady owner of the bar. The second, through a misunderstand, ended with all the men dead while the ladies went shopping.

While a little silly, it was a fun afternoon which ended up with all the people getting well fed.

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  1. Love watching those gunfight skits, silly maybe but still entertaining. Sounds like a fun afternoon and a meal as well.

  2. We've seen those a couple of times at the prison.