Sunday, May 23, 2021

Back To Semi-Normal

 Riverton, Utah       High 57   Low 39

Today was cool and it tried to rain all day. That and the wind didn't make it an outside day. 

We had our friends, Mike and Kathy, stop last Wednesday. They have a home in our RV Park in Yuma and live in Washington in the summer. They spent about two hours with us on their way to Washington. Mikes mother lives outside Bend, Oregon and they were going to stop to see her on the way home. They spent two days driving to see us and then 2 days to Mikes Moms. then another day to get home. It makes a long trip for them. They were pulling their trailer, which will now stay in Washington, so that's why so slow.

Cindy has trouble breathing with a mask on and for that reason, we haven't been to church for about 15 months. They recently eased the requirements on wearing masks and made it suggested instead of required, so we decided to finally go to church. We only saw about three people wearing masks although we still were only able to sit every other row and them maintain distance from anyone. At least it is a start toward normal.

Cindy and I have both been busy, her making quilts and yard work, me quilting and mowing the grass.

Penny still spends lots of time protecting us from the "evil" cats. She still likes to go with us whenever we go in the car.

Here are some pictures of one of the finished quilts.

It is a picnic quilt so that's why the denim back. Cindy does love her scraps.

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  1. That's a great pattern for scraps. Here's my mask tip ... I put it on when a store demands it, but then I pull it down to my chin so I can breathe. They said I had to wear it, not HOW I had to wear it. No one has ever said a thing to me.

  2. You have evil cats ..... I have evil mockingbirds!! LOL

  3. It is nice that things are getting back to normal. We still haven't gone back to church but we will when we are settled in Montana for a couple of months.