Sunday, May 30, 2021

More Quilts and Yard Sales

 Riverton, Utah       High 79 Low 59

It looks like summer finally has arrived. It is supposed to get up into the mid nineties by The end of the coming  week.

Memorial Day is tomorrow but we don't have anything planned. 

We have both been busy, Cindy making more quilts (she is currently working on 4 different ones). She says she get tired of the same one so she rotates which one to sew. She also stays busy working on the back yard.

I have been busy doing some repairs and quilting some of Cindy's finished quilts. One was a picnic quilt with embroidered ants, so I used an ant pattern on it. The other is another scrappy quilt.

 Yesterday we went yard selling. When we got to one that said estate sale Cindy thought she had hit the jack-pot. There were a lot (14, I think) of ceramic pots, a lot of which had flowers in them. Most were sets of threes. There were so many that it took two trips to get them all home and on our second trip the people selling the things showed Cindy some more pots that we had missed the first time so she bought them also.  She is using them to decorate the back yard. 

You can see, from the pictures , that there are a lot of plants and flowers.

These last two pictures are some things we found at an different yard sale. The small packages on the lower right of the second picture are card making die cuts that Cindy got for $5.00 for the three. The original price was on them and they were $29.95 each. 

She felt like she did all right at the yard sales yesterday.

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  1. She did hit the jackpot!! What is the name of the pattern for the last quilt photos--I really like that one!

    1. Cindy says it is fence rails, 1 1/2 X 3 1/2 pieces. She was trying to use some of her scraps.

  2. Yes Cindy hit the jackpot! Wow those pots!!!! Around here yard sales usually get you old dirty clothes!! LOL. I remember that ant quilt ... too cute and perfect for picnics. Supposed to be 106 here tomorrow. Feels like Arizona!!