Monday, October 23, 2017

Happy Birthday Ladies

Yuma, Arizona          High 97 Low 73

Today was going to be hot again so we did our outside stuff this morning. The Palms landscaper came by early this morning to fix a leak at our neighbors and while he was testing her irrigation line ours had water in it and I was able to check my repair for leaks. It had with no leaks so I buried the wire and waterline. Then I vacuumed all the leaves which probably was a waste of time because there is supposed to be more wind tomorrow. Oh Well.

We worked the rest of the day on one of Cindy's UFOs that she has been putting off for probably 5 years. For you non quilters, UFOs are Unfinished Objects.When we get it finished, I'll put some pictures on the post.

Yesterday was our friends Joan and Lynn's birthday. Since Cindy's was last Tuesday they invited us to go with them to Red Lobster for a birthday dinner. We visited for a while and the food was very good.

The three birthday girls, from left: Lynn, Cindy, and Joan. The waiters sang Happy Birthday to them and they got some Ice Cream.

Our neighbor Tom had his first Sunday Sundae last night at 7:00 so we had to hurry home for Ice Cream. Tom always gets lots of people for his Sunday night Ice Cream and last night was no exception. We got to see several people that had just arrived in the Park and everyone had their ice cream and visited for a while.
Tom hangs out the Cones whenever there is Sunday Sundae.

Penny wanted to lick my bowl dry and I let her (she isn't a little spoiled, she is a whole bunch spoiled or maybe I'm just easy for her to train). Anyway she enjoyed her few licks.

Does that look like a happy puppy?
It is supposed to be hot tomorrow and then cool off for a while. We'll see how the weather guessers do. It is still better than the cold they are having back in Utah.

Tomorrow Penny has an appointment to get her hair cut and while she is at the groomers Cindy and I are going to see the dentist in Mexico by San Luis. I need a little adjustment and the little bit of excess cement removed and Cindy wants to have her teeth cleaned.

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  1. I bet you are looking forward to the cooler weather, nice to get your teeth taken care of for a reasonable price too.

  2. So glad to have you back blogging more often!!