Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Penny Was Upset

Yuma, Arizona           High 98 Low 73

It was another hot day here in Yuma and the wind came up this morning.

We took Penny to the groomer this morning. As usual she didn't want to stay. We then drove to San Luis where we walked into Mexico. The dentist was a little busy when we got there but we were still finished in less than an hour.

I had him clean out some of the cement from the bridge and had him do a little touch up on some high spots on the new crown. It fits a lot better now. I was expecting a porcelain bridge but when Sandie and I went back, mine was gold. I guess since I had gold caps before he decided to do gold. My bill with 4 teeth total out of gold came to $600. I would have had to have 2 more implants, but the last bridge lasted more than 30 years and if this one lasts that long I'm not going to care. This time both teeth holding the bridge have had root canals where last time one of them got infection and left me with holes where 2 teeth had been. This should be better. Implants would have been $3000 with 3 months or more between posts and getting the tooth.

Cindy got her teeth cleaned and he only charged $20.00 not the $30 I was expecting. I guess Sandie heard wrong.

We then drove back to our home and after an hour we went to get Penny. She was glad to see us but as soon as she got in the car she didn't want Cindy to hold her and road home in her car seat. It took about 3 hours before she would have anything to do with either of us and then she only let me hold her where usually she is Cindy's dog. It usually takes her about a half a day to forgive us for taking her to the awful groomers.

She went under our dining room table and didn't want anyone to touch her.

We finished up Cindy's UFO and this time I got a picture. We took the block of the month class at least 5 years ago and she is glad to have it finished.

She is also working on two embroidered Santa quilts. One is finished except outside borders. The other will be with red pieces instead of green. She also has been trying to get ready for her classes with block of the week which is what we are doing so the ladies can get enough for a quilt while they are here.

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  1. Glad he,was able to get that bridge fitting better. Poor Penny. Hope she's better tonight.

  2. Nice that the bridge is better adjusted , you should be good to go for a while again.

  3. Ahhh poor Penny. My Cooper was the same way, mostly because they didn't really treat him nice and they nicked him all over. Now I do it myself. He's a hot mess, but he doesn't seem to care!!

  4. I thought Penny was beautiful before the grooming.