Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Happy Halloween

Yuma, Arizona            High 83 Low 61

The Temperature has moderated some. It has not been quite so hot in the afternoon for the last few days.

The Park had a welcome back Burger Bash for those that we here already. A few people attended but not as many as when the season gets going.
Yesterday we Has a Halloween soup and salad for all the residents that are here. Those that wanted to dressed up with costumes and everyone had a good time and we all overate.

Cindy in her costume.

Grandma Clampett.


Before the dinner, we had a cart parade where some the ones that dressed in costume rode around the park before dinner. Tom, one of our neighbors, designed a pumpkin that gave out candy and cans of beer.

Everyone that attends the dinner is expected to bring soup, salad, or dessert. Like I said before, there was plenty to eat.

Cindy has been busy sewing quilts and is now working on about 6 at the same time.

Thanks for visiting. 


  1. Looks like it was great fun!! Did Penny dress up?

  2. Your park really does get into the swing of things. No costumes here but we're having our welcome back party tomorrow night.