Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Beautiful Sunset and New Great Grandson

Yuma, Arizona       High 70 Low 57

It was cloudy today and a lot cooler than it has been.

Last Saturday there was a Park wide Yard Sale. We had a few pieces of furniture and a Mexican vase and cookie jar for sale. We were a little apprehensive about whether we would be able to sell the furniture but we had priced it exactly for what we paid (at a yard sale) and were able to sell everything. One lady drove by and saw the pottery and had her husband drive around the block and came back and bought them. A friend of mine that had just built a garage with a large craft room on the back took all the furniture. We were sold out in about an hour after we set up which left us time to see what else was available in the Park.

Last night Cindy was able to get some pictures of the beautiful sunset. Only in Arizona.

We are still staying busy during the day. Cindy's quilt group is going well with several others showing interest. Some didn't bring their sewing machines but have said they would next year.

The time here seems to fly by, her it is almost December. We got our Christmas tree up and the light on our front fence. We both kind of wish we had more Christmas decorations.

We have a new Great Grandson. Cindy's oldest grand daughter had her baby about 2 weeks ago and we finally got pictures of him and his mother. From what we have been told they both are doing well.

This is Ryler.

My second youngest son informed me that they are expecting a new baby in April. They are expecting a girl.The family is sure growing. This will make 20 grand kids. He also told me that they are in the process of moving to one of the Islands of Washington state. Hopefully we can go see them this summer.

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  1. The sunsets are beautiful, such a gorgeous sky!

    Congratulations on the birth of your new Great Grandson, he is a handsome looking little guy. Glad to hear that everyone is healthy and happy.

  2. My oh my .... what a cutie!!! Congratulations!