Sunday, November 12, 2017

A Few Thoughts.

Yuma, Arizona       High 86 Low 62

The weather here has been almost perfect, not too hot during the day and cool enough with windows open to have nice sleeping weather. And we have had very little wind, unlike the last two years. I hope it lasts.

Cindy got started with her quilt block class. It was somewhat of a lite turn-out but it is still early in the season and we did have a few stop by to see what was going on that promised to come back next week.

Shuffle board has started here at our Park.We play Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Cindy has told me that she feels like a shuffle widow sometimes.We also have a fun league where the different Parks around Yuma go to other Parks and play each other on Tuesdays. Last year I was asked to head it this year and I told them that if they couldn't get anyone else I would do it. Connie, one of the shuffle board players finally volunteered and I was let off the hook.........but, a week ago, she stopped by and asked me if I would take over for her because they are going to Colorado for a week and then home to Edmonton until after Christmas and would I head it up as she wouldn't be able to be the captain. So I agreed to take over for her.

Besides all of this, the Palms Bike Brigade ride around the Park three nights a week. The most people that have participated before last night was 20. Then last night we had 24 bike riders. Most have lights in their spokes and we have one rider playing music and everyone honks and rings their bells whenever we meet anyone. This lasts for about 3 miles through the Park and we take about 30 minutes.

The small dog owners meet at the Small dog park most afternoons for Yappy Hour. The small dogs play and bark at new comers and seem to have a lot of fun while the owners visit. Whenever a new dog starts to come into the Park they are met with a bunch of barking dogs. Some people seem reluctant to bring their dogs in, but I have assured them that the small dogs barking are only the greeting committee and everything will be OK. and after they are in, all the dogs are playing and smelling each other and I've never seen any of the dogs get hurt. Whenever we start walking toward the small dog Park, Penny seems to know exactly where we are headed and will walk the whole way even though it is a half mile one way. She even wants to head that way when we are just out for a walk.

Needless to say, we are staying busy here in Yuma and in our RV Park and are much more active than we would be if we were home in Utah.

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  1. Nice to hear from you again and glad you are enjoying your fun times there.

  2. You are definitely keeping busy!!!