Sunday, October 15, 2017

Busy in Yuma

Yuma, Arizona       High 94 Low 67

We both are enjoying all the hot weather here in Yuma except the predicted 100 for Tuesday and Wednesday will probably be a little uncomfortable.

We managed to do a little sight seeing. We had heard how hard it was to get dates and since we had a tree to replace we debated getting a date palm instead of the orange we were replacing. but after driving through some of the date orchards and watching all the workers putting bags on the trees, we decided we better just stay with the dwarf orange we were replacing.

The taller trees required what resembled a lift that power linemen use to put the bags on along with lots of workers. We had no desire for that much labor.

Our grapefruit tree is loaded with lots of green grapefruit. By January we should be able to enjoy fresh grapefruit.

One of the other winter residents of our park, Tom, got here shortly after us and started up the Palms Bike Brigade like we had last year. Three nights a week we get together by the front gate and ride around the Park for about a half hour, or when we get tired, while Tom plays music as we ride along. We get in about 3 miles and I was really out of shape at first, but now both Cindy and I are riding further than at first.
Of course Penny has to go along on all the rides. I'm third from the right and if you look closely you can see Penny's head sticking out of her red bag.

When we bought this house it came completely furnished with the exception of a bed-room set. We did get a really nice mattress and box spring set which we have had on the floor. We finally found an oak set that we really like and ordered it. In about two weeks we will finally have a bed room furniture set. That means no more living out of plastic boxes in our closet and we will finally get drawers to put our clothes in. Getting the tall chest of drawers required raising the TV in our bed room 8 inches to accommodate the taller Chest.

The Park has been reseeding all the grassy areas of the Park and it has been so hot that I haven't taken Penny to the small dog Park, but as soon as more of her friends get here that will become a daily ritual. She seems to enjoy playing with all her doggie friends. The once we did walk to the small dog park, she seemed to know where we were going and walked all the way without me having to carry her. When we first got here, Penny got out a couple of times and she ran next door to see if her dog friend, Alex, was here but they aren't coming until the first of next month.

This Park had a special for first time People to this Park where the gave 2 for 1, buy one week, get two, up to pay for 3 months get 6 months. It ended at the end of September and was only good for the present season. They told us that over 100 new people took advantage of the special and the park will be full for the first 3 months of 2018. The idea was to get new people to see the Park with the hope of maybe selling more lots. We have been told that when this Park was developed, the developers wanted to be out in 5 years, but they are now into it going on 10 years and are making other specials.

We liked the Park well enough to buy into it and maybe others will also. When things really get going after the first of November, you can stay as busy as you want with all the activities. I may have said it before, but some of what we liked about this park is that you actually own the property rather than merely renting. We also like the front guard station. We have had several people that wanted to see us that didn't know our lot number, that had to call and get it before they were allowed in. When we leave for the summer, we have no worries about leaving our winter home unattended.

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  1. Glad to hear from you two and Penny!! Your bike rides look like fun!!!

  2. what park are you in in Yuma, we are interested in going there next winter