Saturday, October 21, 2017

Sandie and I Ran Away to Mexico Together!

Yuma, Arizona   High 86 Low 62

The weather has moderated some in the last week. Yesterday it got quite windy.

Last Tuesday we were invited to a Happy Hour at one of our friends here in the Park. As it turned out Jim and Sandie Dixon also came down from Apache Junction to stay with us for a few days. We had told them that we had a spare bedroom, but they brought their little trailer which they parked in our drive way.
Tuesday was Cindy's birthday and everyone sang Happy Birthday to her.

Sandie calls RJ Jim's Velcro dog because anytime he is not with Jim he barks constantly. When he is in the trailer with the windows closed we could hardly hear him, but it bothers Sandie.

Wednesday Sandie and I ran away together to Mexico. Not to worry, we came back to Yuma. Actually we drove to San Luis so we both could go to the dentist. Last year Sandie had gone to Dr, Sergio Bernal just across the boader into Mexico to have a bridge made. She liked him well enough to go back to get a crown replaced.

I had two top teeth missing and decided I didn't really want to go the implant route again, so I had a bridge made. We walked in and were taken in almost immediately. He did the preliminary work on both of us Wednesday and were told to return Thursday for the fitting. When we went back Sandie went to get her crown installed and I walked to a Farmacia for some of Cindy's meds where the dentist recommended. The prices were a very little more than Algodones, but not much and since we were there, it saved one trip.

When I got back from the Farmacia, Sandie was finished up and he took me right in. I am going to go back and get a little more fitting done and there is a little cement between the new bridge and the next tooth that needs to be removed. Other than that I am happy with the result and the price is a lot less than Algodones and he was extremely fast. It was a little over two hours from when we left our home until we got back each time.

Jim and Sandie left for Apache Junction yesterday morning. It was nice to have our friends stay with us, even if Jim didn't get to go to Mexico with us. When I go back Cindy is going to go with me to have her teeth cleaned.

When we got back we noticed a leak in our drip system. I had thought it was from the water lines to the Palm tree that died but I had blocked them off and we were still getting water, so I dug the line up and found a kink that had split open. I think I have it fixed, but will have to wait until Monday when they put water into our line again to find out.
The leak was where the white fitting is now.
Cindy also wanted to put a picture of our grapefruit on this post. Our tree is loaded and we expect to have lots of grapefruit when they get ripe.
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