Saturday, December 5, 2020

Is 2020 Like The Movie Ground Hog Day?

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Last night we watched the movie Ground Hog Day. Someone estimated that Bill Murray's character had to have lived February 2nd for almost 34 years to have been through everything he did. I almost feel like I have lived 2020 for at least 10 years. Wake up, shower, quilt for most of the day, watch TV in the evening, same thing day after day. Cindy says she gets up, quilts for a while, cooks, quilts again, watches TV in the evening, day after day. But hey, at least we are staying away from the virus and do have going to Yuma at the end of the month. Life really is good. 

Cindy has been giving me a bad time about being able to do the machine quilting faster than she can make the quilts, but that finally changed. She found an animal quilt that someone had put the blocks together. We got it at a yard sale sometime. It only took her part of a day to put it together and because of the pattern we bought for it, it took me all of 2 days to quilt. It wasn't hard to do with the computer, but it took a while to sew each pattern.

I put a picture of the pattern on this post because it is a little hard to see on the finished quilt.

Another quilt I finished was a Santa embroidery quilt. this one took a while to quilt, but still not as long as it took Cindy to embroider. 

Cindy made this leaf quilt from a quilt she saw on the internet and she figured out the pattern. We used a maple leaf pattern to quilt it.

Cindy has our home looking like Christmas. Everywhere you look there are decorations.

She put out all the decorations because we haven't been here to put them out for a few years.

I hope you don't mind all the quilt pictures. 

It has been cold lately. When Penny goes out, she is only outside for a few minutes and is barking at the door to come back inside. Most of the time she then wants Cindy or I to hold her and cover her with a blanket for a little while to warm up. But don't get the idea that she is a little spoiled, she is a whole lot spoiled. Penny is getting pretty shaggy, but we don't want to get her hair cut because she would be even colder.

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  1. I like the animal print one. You are quite the team. What do you do with all your quilts?

  2. That's a design on the front and on the back. Those are unique quilts. Great Job!
    Have you had to dig a path out for Penny yet?
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Yup ... you've been busy for sure. I just love it when the quilt pattern reflects the subject of the quilt. Very cool. Sadly I have only put up about three decorations because I don't want to take them all down!! Give Penny a squtch for me ... she's such a sweety!! And she's not spoiled, just very loved!!