Thursday, November 26, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving

 Riverton, Utah     High 37 Low 19

It's going to be cold tonight. The weather guessers predicted snow but, so far, the sun is still shining.

We got things going for Thanksgiving dinner. It seems strange to be just the two of us, but the doctors and those that should know, advised against large family gatherings. All the hospitals are full and they tell us that people can be spreaders of the virus and not know it. 

Cindy set the table and we delivered some of the dinner to Tammy and the kids. 

Notice that Cindy is wearing her mask.

While the dinner was cooking, we started putting up Christmas. Cindy likes to decorate but this year we are holding it down a little. We got our family room started and the tree still needs it's decorations. At least it is a start.

I'm not sure why Blogger wants to keep changing their format, when what they had worked. Today, I had to hunt for where to insert pictures. Instead of having the icon that was there before, now I had to click on more, oh well, I found it. When they have something that works, why change it? Just to confuse the old people?

I have been busy quilting and finished another motorcycle quilt. This is the second one. I think it turned out nice. 

I have finished a lot of small quilts and Cindy says I'm catching up to her, but she seems to keep finding more to keep me busy. Hey, at least she keeps me busy.

Thanks for visiting and Happy Thanksgiving again.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving you guys. It was just Jim and I at our house but we had the whole meal. We like leftovers. Weather is beautiful down here. Had doors and windows open which is so nice. Nice quilt.

  2. I hope the weather guessers are wrong and you don't have snow, although it would be mighty pretty!! That quilt is awesome ... It took me awhile to see the motorcycle quilting! Pretty cool. I really can't decide to decorate or not. I think we should leave trees up until March!!

  3. Wishing you both a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving.
    That quilt is a work of art.

    It's about time.