Saturday, November 7, 2020

Cindy's Thread is Like Gold

 Riverton, Utah       High 64 Low 34

It looks like winter has made it. Right now it is raining but is supposed to snow overnight. 

It has been really windy all day which resulted in most of the leaves blowing off the trees.

First thing this morning we raked the back yard and filled 2 garbage cans. This afternoon we couldn't tell that we had even been there.

These pictures are of our front yard. I'll probably wait till the wind and snow quit to clean them up. 

The other day I tried to buy thread for Cindy using the Jo-Ann app. It kept getting fouled up and I ended up ordering 13 spools. From this, you can tell where our priorities are, hoarding thread and M&M Peanuts. When we went to pick the thread up they only had three spools. We have checked at the store for the last 2 months and there hasn't been even one roll, so we were glad to get the three.

This afternoon I went to Smith's Grocery store to get some things after ordering them on the app. I was soon notified that some of the things I ordered were out of stock and were the substitutions OK. When I got my order the store employee told me that since Utah has had record numbers of the virus, they are out of lots of things. I guess people don't have their 20 year supply of toilet paper because he told me they can't keep in it. He said they have lots of empty shelves again, just like last spring.

About a month ago our governor was wanting to get down to 300 new cases of the virus per day in Utah. Friday they hit within 12 cases of 3000. I haven't heard how many today. Utah for the last while has had way more than Arizona, which was way higher than Utah. I know I am way tired of the whole thing.

We have been busy, Cindy making quilts, me quilting. Here are the latest pictures of the ones I have finished lately. Cindy is getting behind on her bindings.

I have one of my customers bring 2 quilts to do on Monday. I think she said they were baby size quilts.

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  1. There's one of those beautiful quilts made from tiny pieces. I guess I don't have the patience!! I order thread from Red Rock Threads in Parump Nevada. Probably not as inexpensive as JoAnns. I think herd immunity is hitting Utah. That's a good thing. I too am sick and tired of the whole mess. At this point, becoming a hermit might not be a bad idea.

  2. When the Virus comes to town it seems it's hard to get anything you need including material supplies.
    Enjoy staying Safe from the virus.

    It's about time.

  3. I don't know about Utah but Arizona has relaxed a lot. The gyms are open with limited hours and people. I went to Walmart yesterday and the store was packed. No one cleaning the shopping carts and no wipes to clean it yourself. We have so many snowbirds here I'm sure they are partly responsible for the rise in cases.