Sunday, October 21, 2018

My Birthday Girl

Yuma, Arizona        High 89 Low 64

It is still a little warm but the weather for the few days before yesterday was a nice lower 80 during the day and the low 60's at night. We didn't even turn on the Air Conditioning for 3 days.

Cindy had a birthday and we (I) invited some of of our Yuma friends over for cake and ice cream. I tried to make it a surprise for her, but she saw me whispering to one of our friends and figured out what was going on. Then I put the cake and ice cream in the outside fridge and she went looking for something and I was busted.

Not everyone I invited could make it but we still had probably 20 people. We talked about the summer and got all caught up on our lives. I think everyone liked getting together with their winter friends. Cindy told me later that she was glad I had the birthday party for her.

We have also started the Palms Bike Brigade three times per week. For this early in the year, we have had a good turn-out. We ride for about 30 minutes each night and ride about 4 miles. I like to think it helps keep some of us old people younger, but I'm not sure. This year I'm able to keep up a lot better than when I first started riding the bike with them.

Penny has been to the small dog park a few times and one day there were 7 small dogs there. She had fun running around with a one year old that was a little bigger then her.

Cindy has finish sewing quite a few quilts. I will be way behind on my quilting when we get home.

Yesterday we found an estate sale that had material in it. We tried to be the first there and made it to see the material before any one else. Yes I know, we don't really need any more material, but when you can get about 20 yards of material for $15.00, it is kind of hard to turn down, and besides whoever has the most material wins.

We are enjoying our time here.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Happy birthday Cindy. Great party. Always fun to get together with friends.

  2. You Sly Devil You!
    Happy Belated Birthday Cindy.
    What's the Prize that you win when you don't use it all up?
    Another Estate Sale?
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Happy Birthday Cindy sure sounds like a fun time and yummy cake.
    Now that was a deal for the material for sure.

  4. How nice of you to surprise her. Happy Birthday Cindy!! I will always encourage you to buy more material just to be sure someone has more than I do! lol