Thursday, November 1, 2018

We Had A Happy Halloween

Yuma, Arizona        High 82 Low 59

The weather has been wonderful.

We had a Halloween pot luck at the club house. There were many varieties of food and so much that it was impossible to sample it all so I started with the desserts before what I wanted ran out.

The rest of the food was very delicious. This was one of the times that if you went home hungry, it was your own fault.

We could also dress up in costumes if we wanted. Cindy and I went as deviled egg. Some of the people that saw me without Cindy thought maybe I was dressed as a good egg. We had to be together for them to get it.

 There were lots of different costumes. One couple dressed as rodeo cowboys. There were several witches and a vampire costume. Another couple had Skittle Pox.

When you're from Maine, why not as a lobstah. (lobster for the rest of us.)

His wife also had Skittle Pox, so it must be contagious.

After there was a band which played for a while.

Another night we went to the local drive-in (a video played on the side of a fifth wheel). We got to watch  Young Frankenstein which everyone there has seen numerous times, but is so silly that it is funny.

Some of us walked and a lot drove in, in their golf carts.

I guess we have turned into Arizonans because all the spectators soon got chilly. It was only down to about 58 degrees.

Shuffle board has started already and we are playing three days per week.

Have I mentioned that I like my time in Yuma?

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Nice to hear you are still having fun there.

  2. I love your costume. I don't have that kind of creativity!!! Looks like a fun place to stay for the winter.