Friday, September 14, 2018

More Utah Fires

Riverton, Utah               High 90 Low 59

When we woke up this morning the air was extremely smokey. It was so bad that we both could smell it and Cindy even had coughing spells.

We found out later that there were new fires south of us. About 70,000 acres were on fire in the new fire. The smoke is so bad that air support for putting out the fire is not possible.

This afternoon the wind must be coming from a different direction because the air is relatively clear.

We have been watching the weather forecasts for Yuma and by next Wednesday it is supposed to be 102 with under 100 for a few days after that. So we have decided to leave here next Wednesday and head south for the winter.

We will have to come back to Utah just after Christmas for a few days for Cindy's Moms 90th birthday. Linda want to put on a big birthday party for her and we want to be there.

No new news, we have been busy quilting and Cindy has stayed busy taking care of the yard.

We are both looking forward to spending time in Yuma even though the season doesn't officially start until Halloween.

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  1. Honestly, it's not been that bad heat wise. The nights have cooled down nicely into the 70's. I guess the entire west coast has been on fire.