Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Short Note

Riverton, Utah    High 81 Low 55

The weather has moderated some and is a lot more pleasant.

The peaches are finally ripe and Cindy has been freezing some. There are still a lot to pick, but we are getting it done.

There were so many yellow-jackets, that I had to buy a bee trap. It seems to have helped some, but there are still a lot of them eating our fruit.

A lot of the pears seemed ripe and I picked a box of them and am currently waiting for them to finish ripening. I have tried some of them and they were sure tasty. We have been eating peaches for about a week and they are also good.

In between all this, I have quilted several quilts. Some have been for a customer and she seemed pleased with the result. She told me today that she wants me to quilt a couple more before we go to Yuma for the winter. Cindy always has me do a lot of fancy stuff on hers, so it take me a lot longer.

I wanted to put some pictures of hers on this post, but she wants to wait until she gets through with the binding.

I hope everyone out there is doing OK.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Fruit everywhere. And you really can't blame the yellow jackets for loving good stuff.

  2. That fruit and the quilting is sure keeping you busy, you need to head back to Yuma for a rest.

  3. I love to can fruit and make jam, but there are no suitable fruit trees in my area at all!! Hope the weather continues to cool for you!! Can't wait for quilt pics!!

  4. Richard & Cindy, I love the idea of blogging about your travel adventures. Maybe I'll see ya guys here in Yuma this winter! Its cooling down a bit in the mornings but still crazy after 9am! Haha, best of luck to the two of you, safe travels.