Friday, August 26, 2016

Happy Birthday

Riverton, Utah      High 82 Low 57

The weather is starting to feel a lot more bearable. Can fall be far away?

Yesterday was our grandson, Skyler's, birthday. He is 11 years old. They sure grow up fast.
Taylor, who is six, is still a little ham. He likes to have his picture taken.
I also got a picture with both of them.
Skyler had one candle on a large piece of cake. He blew the candle out before I could get a picture of it burning.
You can see a little smoke from the candle.

Cindy has started to make peach syrup. Some of the peaches are finally ripe, while others are still rock hard. We have had a little wind the last few days and the ripe peaches end up on the ground. I have tried some of them and they are very good to eat. The poor tree has so many peaches on it that some of the branches have broken in spite of bracing them up. There are a lot of peaches on the larger peach tree. We also have a young peach tree, but it only has about 6 peaches on it.

After she gets the peaches finished, we will have to wait about a month before we can pick the grapes. The pears, while there aren't a lot, are getting big, but we don't know when we can pick them.

We have also been enjoying fresh tomatoes. We seem to get one or two ripe every day.

I also got my hearing aids and had to have some adjusting done on them. It is different being able to hear Cindy without her having to repeat what she tried to say to me. She likes it a lot better. I am still getting use to wearing them.

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  1. Congratulations on the hearing aids, they do take a bit of getting used to but is so nice to be able the hear things again.