Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Trying to Stay Busy

Riverton, Utah      High 99 Low 70

It’s still way too warm outside to be comfortable.

We are still picking up almost 5 gallons of apricots that the birds are knocking off the tree per day. We don’t seem to have many people that are interested in getting them, even though the price is right---free and I’ll even help pick them.

We have had to prop up the branches on the peach tree and one branch still broke. I don’t know if the peaches will make it on that branch, but there are a lot.

We went to see some friends of ours and Jerry had fallen out of a tree. He told me he was up about 25 feet and the branches he was holding broke. He broke both sides of his pelvis and dislocated one leg. He also told me he had to be revived twice, once in the ambulance and once after surgery. From the x-ray, it looked like about a dozen screws and lots of metal plates holding him together. It will be a long recovery

We have had hornets going in small holes in our bricks on the big garage and I wanted to caulk the place they were going in. Because of Jerry, Cindy was afraid for me to go up the tall ladder and kept an eye on me the whole time I was on the ladder. I made it all right and she really didn’t have to worry. I told her that I’ve been on ladders my whole adult life, but she told me Jerry probably said the same thing. He was trimming the tree, but he only used a short ladder to get in the tree and then climbed on the branches the rest of the way. Yes, I’m not as young as I once was, but a little good judgement goes a long way.

The door is 14 feet tall, so it gives some idea of how high I was up.

I’ve also been busy trying to get one of Cindy’s quilts quilted, but it is a hard one to do and is taking a long time. I am on the downhill side of it though. She knows that with all the embroidery it would take a lot longer than an all over pattern.

The grapes are getting riper, but still have a while to go. The net I put up seems to be stopping the birds and we will probably get a lot of grape juice.

We have had some ripe tomatoes, but not enough to can, so we will probably have to go to one of the farmers to get enough for that.

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  1. Here's a good way to do apricots I found that is easy and real good too. Just cut the cots in half and remove the seed. Freeze the halves on trays and put in bags once frozen. Now, just take one out of the freezer and eat it frozen like a pop cycle. Very tasty and fruity this way. I'd take all you have if I was up that a ways.

    1. We will have to try it. It sounds easy and we both like apricots. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Always something to do keeping you out of trouble.

  3. If you freeze them like Bob said, you can take bags with you and donate them to friends who like to make apricot jam ......... hint hint!!!

    I understand the hornets. I run around all the time with cans of spray!!

    Pictures of the quilt when finished please??