Monday, September 5, 2022

Swiss Days

 Riverton, Utah        High 98 Low 67

The weather has been extremely hot for this time of year. Salt Lake has had 6 straight record setting 100 degree days, with 4 more 100 degree days predicted. The normal temperature for September is 85 and they hit 103 the other day.

We decided to go to Midway, Utah to check out Swiss Days. It is the 75th year for it in the small town. They are celebrating the founding of the town by Swiss ancestors. There is food, entertainment, and lot of vendors selling everything imaginal. And there were lots of people. We went Friday, thinking maybe there wouldn't be as many people as Saturday, but it was still crowded. 

We like the old houses and businesses in Midway. Notice the date on the one Above.

There were lots of people lined up for the food vendors.

This is a small sample of the entertainment.

Lots of different things for sale.

And of course, lots of people looking.

This one was selling freeze dried candy. They gave us a sample of big Hunk, which was crunchy and good.

It started to get hot by noon, so we left without buying anything.

And two more quilts, which I finished last week.

The first one above is about as big as I can get on my machine. At least Cindy let me do an overall pattern.

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  1. Way too many people for me. But it is a cute town. Beautiful quilts as per usual.

  2. WOW on the stained glass! It does look crowded, but what cool stuff to see. That first quilt makes my eyes go wonky ... a pattern I've never seen before. The second, a log cabin bear paw kind of thing? It's beautiful and your quilting is always fabulous.