Saturday, May 23, 2015

Sights around Sandpoint

Sagle, Idaho High 82 Low 50

Yesterday morning, thanks to a suggestion from a reader, we drove to a little lake called Mirror Lake. It is a privately owned Lake with a campground by it. It really is a pretty little Lake.

Cindy got a picture of a turtle while taking pictures of the water lilies. When I asked her about it, she had no idea she had got a picture of the turtle. There was also a family of Canadian Geese swimming on the Lake. The babies looked younger than the ones on the river by Ken and Sabrina’s.
We didn't see them catch anything.

These babies are a lot smaller than the ones on the river.
Scenic old barn on the way to Mirror Lake.
In the afternoon we drove to Bonner’s Ferry to look at some quilt stores and whatever else we could see. It looks to be a nice little town with an old main street. One of the buildings had a date of 1910 on it. We also visited an antique store. On the way back, we stopped at a place that made wooden lighthouses. They were interesting to see.

Later in the afternoon we sat on Ken and Sabrina’s boat dock and watched the geese and muskrats swimming in the river. The parents had from one baby to seven. They kept getting closer to us and didn't act afraid. One of the muskrats swam to shore and sat on the beach for quite a while.
These babies, when they came on shore, are a lot larger than the ones at Mirror Lake.

The lobby of a resort on the Lake.

This muskrat stayed and let us watch him for a while.
While it has been warm here during the day, it seems to cool off at night and is almost too cool for good sleeping.

The scenery in this part of Idaho is very pretty.

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  1. That muskrat photo is great. Idaho really is a beautiful state.