Saturday, May 30, 2015

Getting Ready to Head North

Sagle, Idaho        High 73 Low 54

I haven't been very good about my posts lately, but hopefully things will get better as we travel to Canada.

Earlier this week Ken and Sabrina took us to a place called Dover Bay sightseeing. This whole area is nice and green with lots of trees.
The large boat take people out for dinner cruises.

Sabrina got her first quilt finished and I will probably quilt it for her when we get home.
Not too bad for her first quilt.
We are still scheduled to meet Cindy's Mom and Sister at Bridgeview RV Park in Lethbridge, Alberta on Monday. We will leave here early Monday morning. They called and are in Blackfoot, Idaho visiting relatives.

The following pictures are of a dessert Sabrina made for us and a picture of Penny stealing Mozeys food.

Penny has really gotten spoiled since she has been here.
Ken and Sabrina went to Spokane on Thursday and while they were gone, I washed the windows on the riverside of their home. Ken had told Sabrina not to wash them, but forgot to tell me not to. They look a lot better.
Yesterday I helped my son-in-law put up a pine hand rail down a rock stairway they have from the upper part of their property to the lower. He picked up the posts and rail while they went to Spokane, He wanted to stay with the rustic looks. I think it turned out quite well.

Later in the afternoon we took their kayaks down to the water and traveled up the River for a way. I decided to take Penny with me, while Cindy and Sabrina took the two seat Kayak.At one point it was a good thing I had Penny's leash on her, because she tried to jump out of the kayak I was in and swim to Cindy, but I was able to stop her in time.We went as far as the main part of the Lake and it got too choppy for the kayaks so we turned around.

This afternoon Ken finally got his new boat, which the dealer here has been promising delivery since we have been here. We had a lot of rain this morning, but it cleared up enough to go for a ride on the boat. They got  a pontoon boat because it is supposed to be a lot more stable on the water. When we launched the boat, it wouldn't start, so Ken got hold of the dealership and they sent their mechanic to jump start it. After that everything went OK.

Putting the letters and numbers on the new boat.
We went out onto the main part of the Lake and even though it was a little choppy, The ride was very smooth. I'm prone to sea-sickness and had no problem. It was fun to see all the fancy homes from the water.

Here I am just relaxing.

Thanks for visiting.

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