Monday, June 1, 2015

At Bridgeview RV Park

Lethbridge, Alberta         High 73 Low 52

Yesterday we went for a long boat ride on Lake Pend Oreille. There are a lot of interesting homes along the Lake. One looked like a castle under construction. On the other side of the lake there looked to be a very large home that looked like a castle.
 This Osprey and all the geese were along the river going to the Lake.

This looks just like a very large castle.

As we went along we came to one that looked like the roof was sod with grass growing. I wonder who mows it. The roof looked a lot greener than this picture.

Cindy got some pictures of the boat across the river from Ken and Sabrina. The water was so calm that there was a perfect reflection.

Mozey wanted to play with Penny and was climbing all over me.

Cindy liked the design in this cut post.
This morning we got an early start, but we had further to drive than I normally like. After we got past Bonner's Ferry, Mable (my GPS) took me a different way than I was going to go. When I pulled off the road and checked the map, It looked to be about the same distance, so we went with Mable. At one point we followed Lake Koocanusa for almost 40 miles. It probably was a little slower road than the other way, but the scenery was spectacular.

When we finally go to Canada the border crossing was over in less than 5 minutes. Most of the questions were regarding guns and ammunition, which I didn't have to worry about. I didn't have to answer any questions about Penny or show her passport (veterinary certificate). Since she didn't ask, I didn't volunteer.
After driving about an hour in Canada, we came to Highway 3 and after barely getting on it, we had to stop for a flagman. There was road construction for about 20 miles, with a lot of it one lane. It sure reminded us of out trip to Alaska two years ago. With all the different stops, we had 45 minutes of just waiting for the traffic from the other direction to get through.

Some pretty views in BC.

A little fuzzy, the best Cindy could do on the fly.

We think the BC scenery is a lot prettier than Alberta.

Goggle Map said we should have had an almost 6 hour drive, which actually took a little over 8 hours with waiting and stops. When we finally got to Alberta, it was starting to look like the prairie. What a difference from British Columbia.

Sabrina gave Penny a dog water bottle for her birthday on the 10th of June. She also gave me a phone protector with Penny's name and picture on it. She is a good daughter.
We are going to be here for 3 night, probably to just relax.

Thanks for visiting.

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  1. Safe travels! We are rarely asked for Emmi's paperwork at the border of Canada but last year during one of our multiple border crossings a guy did ask for her papers.